Fares for Using the HOP Urban Service

Regular (Base) Fare


Age 60 +




Children Under 12 Years


People with Disabilities




Children Under 2 Years


Monthly Pass (Unlimited Rides)


Additional Urban Fares available Through Token App

Type of Fare



Day Pass*

$2.00 $1.00

Weekly Pass*

$10.00 $5.00

Monthly Pass**

$25.00 $12.50

Student Pass***

$25.00 Valid Aug – Dec and Jan – July

*Only available on the Token Transit APP
**Monthly passes are currently available in pass form and would be available in both pass form and on the Token APP.
**Monthly passes are currently not offered in a reduced form but would be included in the reduced payment effective July 1, 2022
*** Student Pass requires a valid student ID or valid ID for ages 13 to 19

For age, driver’s license or similar photo ID are accepted. For Medicare, proof of Medicare eligibility is accepted. For people with disabilities, proof of the disability from agencies such as the VA or other governmental agencies is accepted. For students, a copy of school ID card or documents that show the person is a student and verifies the dates the person is enrolled is accepted.

For Complementary ADA Paratransit Service, the fare is $2.00 per one-way trip. For more information about the STS program please go to the ADA Paratransit Information Page.

Exact change is required for cash fare payment. Monthly passes are available at the HOP office, which entitle the user to unlimited rides during the calendar month in which the card is valid, for $25.

HOP bus tokens, which are similar to coins, can be purchased at the HOP office in Belton for use as fare payment. The tokens are available only for HOP bus fare, and each token has a fare value of 50 cents, so tokens can be used to pay the base fare of $1 (2 tokens), reduced fare of 50 cents (1 token) or STS fare (4 tokens). Tokens are sold only in packets of 20 for $10.

Multi-ride tickets are available for five dollars each. The tickets, which are the size of a standard ID card, are designed to have a hole punched over each of the ten numbers listed along the bottom of the ticket. Each punched number has a value of fifty cents, and can therefore be used to pay a variety of fares. To pay a fifty-cent fare for discount Fixed Route Service fares, one of the ten numbers will be punched by the bus driver when the passenger boards the bus. For a regular one-dollar base fare for Fixed Route Service, two of the ten numbers will be punched by the bus driver. For the two-dollar fare for Special Transit Service, four numbers will be punched by the bus driver. When the number “10” is punched, the card will be placed in the bus fare box for collection and data tracking purposes.

The new multi-ride card has several advantages for the bus passenger. The ticket can be used for Fixed Route Service in Temple and in Killeen; it can be used for Special Transit Service in Temple and in Killeen. Purchasing the easy to use five-dollar multi-ride ticket can help passengers by reducing the need to have exact bus fare in change or currency. Purchases can be made at our Belton Facility at 4515 W. US 190.

Multi-Ride tickets and monthly passes can be received by U S Postal Service delivery. Payment must be sent in the form of a cashiers check, money order, or similar form – no personal checks or credit cards are accepted. For more information on purchase by mail, call 254-933-3700 ext. 5010.

The HOP Fixed Route Service (FRS) will issue limited use transfers to passengers as they board if the passenger requests the transfer when boarding. Transfers will not be issued after the passenger is seated or when the passenger gets off the bus – transfers are issued only when boarding and when requested. These transfers are free, and are limited to use only on the day issued, and for a limited time to allow passengers to continue a one directional trip without additional fare. Restrictions on use are printed on the transfer.